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Distance Vision Enhancement

Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix, AZ cataract patients can now enjoy greater freedom from eyeglasses after surgery.

Cataract SurgeryFor many Arizona cataract patients, surgery provides an enjoyable fringe benefit - clear distance vision without glasses. However, not everyone can achieve this result with routine cataract surgery alone. Sometimes, additional measures are necessary, either at the time of surgery or shortly thereafter. At Q Vision, we call these additional services Distance Vision Enhancement, and the two methods we use are detailed below.

Please note that Distance Vision Enhancement patients still need reading glasses. If you want to avoid glasses up close and far away, then you will need Near and Distance Vision Enhancement.

Routine Cataract Surgery with Laser Touch-Up, if Necessary

If your eyes don't have much astigmatism, then you may well end up with clear distance vision without glasses from routine cataract surgery alone, so one very reasonable approach is simply to have surgery and reassess your distance vision once your eyes have healed. If it is still not clear enough, and your eyes remain otherwise healthy, then a laser vision correction procedure such as PRK or LASIK can often provide the necessary improvement.

Laser vision correction (PRK or LASIK) ranges from $1495 to $1995 per eye.

Astigmatism Treatment during Cataract Surgery (Toric Lens)

If your eyes have significant astigmatism, then it is unlikely that you can achieve clear distance vision without eyeglasses from routine cataract surgery alone. To achieve this goal, you will need treatment of your astigmatism along with your surgery. This is accomplished by implanting a special, astigmatism correcting lens during your procedure. Cataract surgeons refer to these special lenses as "toric lenses". Currently, our toric lens of choice is the AMO Tecnis Toric lens.

Most of the time, a toric lens is all that is necessary to provide clear distance vision. However, if your distance vision is still not clear enough after placement of a toric lens, and your eyes remain otherwise healthy, then a laser vision correction procedure such as PRK or LASIK can often provide the necessary improvement.

Our toric lens package is $1400 per eye and, very importantly, includes PRK or LASIK touch-up, if indicated. If you have extreme amounts of astigmatism or have had previous RK, PRK or LASIK surgery, it may be higher.

Frequently Asked Questions About Distance Vision Enhanced Cataract Surgery

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Why would I opt for Distance Vision Enhancement with my cataract surgery?
If you would find driving, golf, watching TV or other distance activities more enjoyable without glasses or if you would feel safer in an emergency knowing that your distance vision is clear without glasses, then you may wish to consider the program.
Do I have to take part in the program?
The program is only intended for those interested in freedom from eyeglasses for distance vision. You can still have very successful cataract surgery without participating in the program.
What will my vision be like if I don't take part in the program?
You will still enjoy improved vision from your cataract surgery, but you will likely need to wear glasses for driving, television and other distance activities, whereas those who take part in the program are likely to see well at a distance without glasses.
How likely is it that I will be able to go without distance glasses?
Our practice has a long and proven track record of helping patients see clearly without distance glasses. While no doctor can guarantee the results of a medical procedure beforehand, if you enter the program and your eyes don't develop any other health problems, then your odds of seeing well enough to pass a drivers test without glasses are statistically very close to 100%.
What exactly is included in the program?
The program is tailored to your needs. For some patients, a toric IOL is implanted at the time of the cataract operation to correct astigmatism. For others, laser vision correction such as PRK or LASIK is necessary shortly after the cataract operation. For all patients, a substantial amount of staff time and additional measures such as dryness testing, corneal topography, wavefront analysis, corneal pachymetry, visual actuity, manifest refraction and extra postoperative visits are necessary.
Is the program covered by insurance? What are the costs?
Distance Vision Enhancement services are not covered by insurance. All of the costs are out-of-pocket and will be discussed in detail at the time of your evaluation. Monthly payment plans are available to help defer the cost.
Do all doctors offer this?
Only a small number of practices in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area have the expertise and laser equipment necessary to offer this type of program. As patients learn the benefits of these programs, it is likely that more and more practices will offer them.
How will this affect my near vision?
You will still need to wear over-the-counter reading glasses to see up-close. If you would like to lessen your need for glasses at both distance and near, then you may wish to consider Near and Distance Enhancement.
What if I would rather see clearly up close and wear distance glasses?
The same techniques described above can be used to provide clear near vision with a continued need for distance glasses.
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