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Three Key Cataract Surgery Questions

Phoenix cataract patients - answer these important questions and you will be ready to proceed with confidence.


1. Are my eyes otherwise healthy?

It is important to know if your eyes have anything else wrong with them, so that realistic expectations can be established for your vision after cataract surgery. Though you may feel certain that you only have cataracts, and you are probably right, please keep in mind that a skilled surgeon must look at your eyes in great detail and occasionally will discover an issue, however minor, that was previously unknown and requires further discussion.

If your eyes prove healthy, then you will likely experience a tremendous improvement in your vision from surgery. However, if an additional problem is present, such as diabetic eye disease or macular degeneration, then your vision may improve, but perhaps not quite as much as you would like. At Q Vision, Dr. Tariq Qamar will personally examine your eyes to check for any additional concerns, and if an issue is found, he will thoroughly discuss its impact on your vision prior to your procedure.

2. Do I want to reduce my need for eyeglasses after surgery?

Modern cataract surgery can do more than rid you of your cataracts. It also offers you a chance to achieve greater freedom from eyeglasses. However, the opportunity is once-in-a-lifetime, so it is important to find a surgeon who is skilled in the most modern techniques and will take the time to explain them to you and help you choose the best one.

Whether you are fine with wearing glasses after surgery and just want your cataracts removed or you want an all-out effort to avoid glasses to the maximum extent possible, Q Vision offers the entire spectrum of available technology, and Dr. Qamar will help you understand your options and assist you in choosing the one that best meets your needs.

3. Who will perform my cataract operation?

Phoenix is a popular place to live and it has attracted a number of outstanding surgeons, so we are not here to say that Dr. Qamar is the only surgeon who can successfully remove your cataracts. However, our practice is unique in a number of ways that are important to many patients:

Dr. Qamar stays absolutely up-to-date on the latest in cataract surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and he travels extensively to Academy and Society meetings where leading surgeons from around the world gather to discuss the latest advancements. In addition, he completed the American Board of Ophthalmology's Maintenance of Certification program in 2010, as well as over 80 hours of Continuing Medical Education.

Dr. Qamar is an excellent communicator. Because of his uncommon name, patients often wonder if they will be able to understand Dr. Qamar. However, he was born and raised in Kansas and speaks as clearly as the next Midwesterner, and he is able to explain complex medical issues in easy to understand terms that are free from medical jargon.

We make time for you.  We are very much aware that no one likes to visit a doctor who is in a rush to leave the room as soon as possible. We're not like that! Dr. Qamar will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. If you get home and have another question, he is more than willing to answer it over the phone or even have you come back in to talk some more.

Our staff is exceptional. How do we know? We ask. All of our cataract surgery patients are given a questionnaire to provide us with feedback on their experience, and one common thread is that our staff provides friendly, professional and genuinely concerned care.

Over 70 local eye doctors refer to Dr. Qamar. These independent eye doctors can refer their patients to any surgeon in Phoenix, and we are proud to say that they choose Dr. Qamar. In fact, Dr. Qamar has had the honor of removing cataracts for many family members of these same doctors and has performed laser vision correction on several of the doctors themselves.

If cataracts are interfering with your enjoyment of life, please call today at 480.661.1600 to make an appointment with a leading cataract surgeon in Phoenix, Tariq Qamar MD.

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