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Implantable Contact Lenses - Visian ICL in Phoenix, Arizona

An implantable contact lens or "ICL" is a tiny lens that is inserted into the eye to bring the vision into focus. The trade name for this lens is the Visian ICL®. To date, over 80,000 eyes have been treated with the Visian ICL worldwide, and when asked about the procedure, over 99% of patients were highly satisfied.

Who Is a Candidate for Implantable Contacts?

The Visian ICL is primarily thought of as an option for patients who do not qualify for LASIK, though there is a slight trend toward offering it as an alternative to LASIK in select patients. Some of the scenarios in which the ICL is often specifically recommended include:

High levels of nearsightedness - Patients with high prescriptions at the upper end or beyond the range of LASIK can often still qualify for the Visian ICL, as it is FDA approved to treat prescriptions as high as -20.00 diopters.

Thin corneas - The cornea is the clear front surface of the eye. LASIK provides clear vision by removing tissue from the cornea, so a minimum corneal thickness is required. However, the Visian ICL does not have any effect on the cornea, so it can be an option for patients who have been rejected for LASIK due to thin corneas.

Severe dry eyes - Most patients with dry eyes can have successful LASIK. However, some eyes are simply too dry for LASIK. Since the Visian ICL does not adversely affect dry eyes, it is often a viable alternative for these patients. 

15 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

About one to two weeks prior to the insertion of the Visian ICL, a YAG laser is used to make two small openings in your iris, which is the colored part of your eye. These openings serve as outlets that allow the fluid in your eye to circulate around the lens.

The actual implantation of the Visian ICL is a brief outpatient procedure. First, you will receive topical anesthetic drops and an oral sedative such as Valium. Then, a microscopic opening will be made where the white of your eye meets the colored part. Next, a clear gel will be placed in your eye and the Visian ICL will be inserted in front of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Finally, the Visian ICL is carefully tucked-in behind the iris and the gel is removed from your eye. Because the opening made is microscopic, it will heal naturally in a very short period of time.

You will notice immediate results after this brief procedure and in a few short hours you will be able to return home and experience a high quality of vision you never thought possible.

Visian Implantable Contact Lens Advantages

High definition vision - Many patients report that their vision is sharper, clearer, more vivid and with greater depth and dimension than ever before.

An exceptional patient experience - After a brief 15 minute procedure, you see an immediate improvement in vision.

Comfort from the start - With a short recovery time, it is likely you can return to work the next day; there is minimal discomfort and the implantable contact lens does not cause postoperative dry eye.

A solution for life - If your vision changes dramatically, the lens can be removed and replaced, or another procedure can be performed at any time. In addition, a unique feature of the Visian ICL is the UV blocker that provides your eyes with a lifetime of protection from the sun's damaging rays - an issue of particular importance in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

No maintenance - Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of your eye, the Visian ICL rests quietly inside your eye, so it doesn't require special cleaning solutions or any maintenance whatsoever - just routine eye exams.

Is the Visian ICL Right for You?

Only a qualified surgeon can tell you if you qualify for the Visian ICL, and only surgeons who offer both LASIK and the Visian ICL can provide you with the best recommendation between the two. For an expert opinion from a Q Vision surgeon, call us at 480.661.1600 or book your free Visian ICL consultation online at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Implantable Contact Lenses

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In general, who qualifies for the Visian implantable contact lens?
Candidates for the Visian ICL typically:
  • Are between the ages of 21 and 45.
  • Are nearsighted with as low as -3D to as high as -20D prescription with or without astigmatism.
  • Have sufficient anterior chamber depth and acceptable endothelial cell density (this will be determined by your surgeon).
  • Have not had a change in their eyeglass prescription of more than 0.5D in a year.
  • Are not currently pregnant.
  • Have no other contraindications including no known allergies to medications used during surgery.
What is the track record of the Visian ICL?
Prior to being placed on the market, the Visian ICL was subject to extensive research and the FDA approval process. Today, more than 40,000 people worldwide enjoy the benefits of the device. In US clinical study, over 99 percent of patients were satisfied with their implant. The lens has been available internationally for over 15 years, and it has a track record of stable, consistently excellent clinical outcomes.
Does it hurt?
No, most patients state that they are very comfortable throughout the procedure.
What is the Visian ICL made of?
The Visian ICL is made of Collamer®, a highly biocompatible advanced lens material which contains a small amount of purified collagen. Collamer does not cause a reaction inside the eye and it contains an ultraviolet blocker that provides protection to the eye. Collamer is a material proprietary to STAAR Surgical Company.
What if my vision changes after I receive the Visian ICL?
One advantage of the Visian ICL is that it offers treatment flexibility. If your vision changes dramatically after receiving the implant, your surgeon can remove and replace it. If necessary, another procedure can be performed at any time. Patients can wear glasses or contact lenses as needed following treatment with the Visian ICL. The implant does not treat presbyopia (difficulty with reading in people 40 and older), but you can use reading glasses as needed after receiving the Visian ICL.
Can the Visian ICL be removed from my eye?
Although the Visian ICL is intended to remain in place permanently, it can be removed.
Is the Visian ICL visible to others?
No. The Visian ICL is positioned behind the iris (the colored part of the eye), where it is invisible to both you and observers. Only your surgeon will be able to tell that vision correction has taken place.
Will I be able to feel the Visian ICL once it is in place?
No. The Visian ICL is designed to be completely unobtrusive after it is put in place. It stays in position by itself and does not interact with any of the eye's structures.
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