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Laser Vision Correction Success Rates

Laser Vision CorrectionLASIK is by far the most common elective procedure performed in the world today - a fact only made possible by its outstanding rate of success. And, while no doctor or surgery center can guarantee the results of your procedure, your chances of achieving the visual freedom you have long dreamed of are statistically very close to 100%.

The two variables that will most directly effect the clarity of your vision are the laser technology used in your treatment and the skill level of your surgeon. While results are generally quite good across the board, make no mistake - premium custom wavefront technology in the hands of a skilled surgeon produces better vision.

The advantages of custom wavefront technology are much more than marketing hype. A collaborative Armed Forces study directly compared standard LASIK with custom LASIK and found that custom provided more 20/20 outcomes, better ability to see contrasts and superior night vision. Subsequent studies showed that night driving performance was actually improved in custom wavefront LASIK patients, and a 2007 study found that the quality of vision after custom LASIK was so impressive that NASA approved it for its astronauts.

These external studies only serve to reinforce and confirm what we at Q Vision in Arizona have observed in our own internal results for several years, as we've witnessed firsthand significantly better results with custom LASIK, with nearly half of our Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix LASIK patients actually seeing better than 20/20.

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