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Q Vision Acquires Johnson & Johnson iDesign Refractive Studio



Q Vision is pleased to announce the arrival of the next generation in personalized LASIK treatment, the iDesign Refractive Studio from Johnson and Johnson Vision.

The iDesign Studio is the only FDA-approved system to integrate wavefront technology, which measures distortion along the entire visual pathway, with corneal topography, which measures the surface contour of the eye, to create a unique visual fingerprint for each patient’s eye. When entered into the VISX Star S4 IR laser, this unique-to-each-eye map allows a more individualized and refined custom treatment than ever before.

Per Q Vision Medical Director Tariq Qamar MD, “Our existing CustomVue Wavefront technology was already really quite good, with nearly all patients reaching 20/20. However, iDesign will allow us to deliver vision that is even a little crisper and better at night. “

In Dr. Qamar’s opinion, “This is probably the last upgrade in LASIK technology we’ll see for a long time, as now that corneal topography data has been added to the wavefront measurement, there really isn’t much else on our wish list.”

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